32-25: A Microcosm of Another Frustrating Season

By Eric Feather

Sunday’s NFC Championship game loss had all the components from this emotional rollercoaster season. The Eagles looked like the team who got blown out in Baltimore after being almost run out of the building in the first half, 24-6. Lets not kid ourselves—not many of us believed this team could come back and win just like we didn’t think they could make the playoffs. However, Donovan McNabb and the defense were heroic in the third quarter just as they had been in most of the past six games. After a juggling catch by Desean Jackson to grab the lead it seemed as if this team was truly destined to reach the Super Bowl. Instead, the defense couldn’t get off the field in the fourth quarter and Donovan was not able to drive for a game-tying touchdown.

You have to keep things in perspective though: it is amazing that this team got this far and being one of the final four remaining teams is a huge improvement from the last three years. However, the reality is that this is just another huge disappointment in the Reid-McNabb era. There are hard questions that must be asked this off-season including whether Reid and McNabb can ever get this team over the hump in a big game.

One man’s opinion: McNabb is the man for the job and while Reid doesn’t deserve to be fired I wouldn’t be surprised if we eventually see a Tony Dungy-Jon Gruden situation play out. Dungy had good teams in Tampa Bay, but couldn’t win the big games. Gruden came in with that team and won a championship. It’s just a thought, but I wouldn’t be shocked if the Eagles organization headed down that path.

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Anonymous said...

Seems like Feather has an interesting twist on the Birds future. We are in need of a Super Bowl win! '35 yr. ticket holder'