Maybe he did get it off in time

Tom Moore says the Sixers have given in and say the Devin Harris miracle shot counted.

For more on the shot, here's what Bernard Fernandez wrote.

Kate Fagan says the Sixers still feel the sting from the unbelievable loss.

The team is now trying to move on
, Martin Frank says.

A visit from injured soldiers could be what gets them over the hump, Bernard Fernandez said.

Now it's understandable that most Sixers fans never want to see the shot again, but it was just such an amazing shot that it needs to be shown again. To lose the ball, regain it and then throw it up in less than two seconds and make it is unreal. You could probably practice that scenario 100 times a day, everyday, for the rest of your life and never make it. Extremely lucky no doubt about it, but it's also something to watch.

Baseball is coming...

With the Phillies warming up for the regular season, let's take a break from the Eagles and focus on the team that knows how to win a championship -- the Phillies.

Joe Blanton will start the spring training opener says David Murphy.

Murphy also reports that Shane Victorino won't be playing in the World Baseball Classic.

Scott Lauber reports that Greg Dobbs will likely stay on the bench.

Bill Conlin writes about the not so good Phillies from the past.

Paul Hagen says the prospects traded in the Blanton deal are doing just fine for the A's.

Chipper Jones isn't exactly loved by Mets fans after scolding them for years, but he does like what's coming about from this Mets-Phillies rivalry, writes Jim Salisbury.

Well, here's a little Eagles bit
, courtesy of Sam Donnellon.


Sixers-Blazers trade?

Here's what David Aldridge is saying:

A source indicated that a potential trade of 76ers point guard Andre Miller to Portland still had a faint heartbeat Thursday afternoon. The deal would involve the expiring contract of Blazers center Raef LaFrentz and another Portland guard in exchange for Miller and forward Reggie Evans. The problem is that Philly wants Portland rookie guard Jerryd Bayless, and the Blazers have made Bayless next to untouchable. Portland would be more amenable, the source said, to include a guard like Steve Blake or Sergio Rodriguez, but the Sixers aren't currently interested.
However, the trade might be resurrected if a third team -- believed to be Memphis --could get involved, sending guard Kyle Lowry to Philadelphia. The 76ers have long coveted Lowry, who starred locally at Villanova.


Carlos Beltran wants the Mets to "kill" Cole Hamels

Not with a knife or gun, but on the baseball field after Cole Hamels was goated into calling the Mets "choke artists" on the radio.

Here's the quote from AOL's Fanhouse.

With the Phillies entering the year as World Champs and the Mets making some moves, this should be the best year of this fairly new rivalry



The professor John Clayton talked about how he thought Anquan Boldin was going to be traded this offseason. Potential suitor? "The Eagles...for maybe a 1st and a 3rd."

John obviously reads the Dime. Tell your friends, they probably should too.