Thanksgiving wishes

On behalf of the Philly Dime staff, wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. And now for an Eagles/Cardinals preview...some guy!


Who wants to be a millionaire?

"I'd use my 50-50, but I know it would just leave A and B."

Phillies in free agency - Lowe, Burnett contacted

Todd Zolecki reports that while talks with Jamie Moyer drag on, the Phils are exploring a couple options. Most notably, they've had contact with A.J. Burnett and Derek Lowe.

Reid, not McNabb, is the problem

By Doug Webb

After several turnovers the last two weeks, Philly is all over Donovan McNabb. But he’s not the root of the problem.

Until last week, the Tennessee Titans were the class of the NFL. 10-0, and dominating all opponents. Winning games at home, on the road, from behind, with the run, with the pass. They were… perfect.

So, what’s the difference between Tennessee and Philadelphia?

Besides four losses and a tie, not much. Both teams have an effective defense. Neither team has standout receivers. When healthy, their running backs can carry the team. The only thing the Titans have is a bruising option in the back field.
If anything, the scales tilt for the Eagles because their QB is better, even if he’s not playing like it.

So again, what’ the difference?

Answer: The head coaching/philosophy.

When the Titans were winning, they were establishing the run with Chris Johnson and Lendale White. Then, if they needed, Kerry Collins could complete a pass when called upon.

The Eagles pass-happy strategy wouldn’t work in Madden, let alone the NFL. If Jeff Fisher was coaching the Eagles, and had a short yardage back, the Eagles would have two, maybe three more wins, and sitting in second place in the NFC East.

The man who needs to go is Big Red, regardless of the remaining years on his contract. He’s driving this team into the ground.

More on my theory tomorrow...


Phillies in free agency: Dye it Red?

Appears that the Phillies have been in talks with the White Sox about Jermaine Dye. Ken Rosenthal reports that the asking price, though, is currently a little high.

Rosenthal also says the Angels have an eye on Pat Burrell.

Postgame Reactions: Bobcats 93, Sixers 84

Kate Fagan of the Inquirer says the Sixers should be happy that nobody was there to see it.

The Associated Press gives its version of the Sixer loss.

Phil Jasner's stock on the Sixers has fallen after losing to Charlotte.

Here's the Total Sports Network's coverage of the game.

Through the Tube: Eagles highlights.

Eagles are 5-5-1 right now and the fans are down. To help you get through this mess, Philly Dime found a nice video of Eagles highlights. The quality is down on certain plays, however, it was nicely done.

On The Beat: Eagles

Photo courtesy of Ron Cortes of Philly.com

Plenty of reading for ya here.

Sam Donnellon, columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News, says the Eagles season might be out of Donovan McNabb's hands.

Phil Sheridan says there's no going back for the Birds.

Inquirer NFL Columnist Ashley Fox says stick with Kolb.

Columnist Rich Hoffman of the Daily News is focusing on Andy Reid.

Paul Vigna of the Daily News says there aren't many Eagles fans with tickets that are looking forward to the Thanksgiving game against the Cardinals.

Ted Bauer of ESPN the Magazine is taking a different approach than other with McNabb this week. He ranks the QB's best games. The biggest problem Birds' fans might have is, well, two of the games are from his days with the Orange.

Merril Hoge breaks down the decision to start McNabb on ESPN. So does Sal Pal.

Peter King of SI.com mentions the McNabb situation in his Monday Morning Quarterback.

The McNabb-Reid saga highlights Don Banks on SI.com's Snap Judgements.

D.J. Gallo, of ESPN.com, found a way to sneak into the Eagles locker to find out McNabb's feelings on the benching.

Here's Sean McCann of the Courier Post reporting on Reid's decision to stick with No. 5.

Geoff Mosher reports that Omar Gaither was suprised by the QB switch.

Larry O'Rourke of the Morning Call and Rob Maaddi of the AP report on McNabb getting the nod for Thursday.

On The Beat: Flyers

Photo Courtesy of Yong Kim of Philly.com

Flyers 4, Stars 3: Postgame thoughts and reactions

Sam Carchidi of the Inquirer highlights Mike Knuble's two goal performance in the win.

Here's the Associated Press' version of the Flyers 4-3 win over the Stars.

Here's the video highlights of the Flyers-Stars game courtesy of ESPN.com

Other Flyers tidbits:

Wayne Fish said Matt Carle is an effective shot blocker on PhillyBurbs.com

Ed Moran of the Daily News says the Flyers are better off without Brendan Shanahan.

Before the game, Carchidi wrote about Danny Briere's injury, and it's not certain when he will return.


Wins only go so far

By Tim McManus

There is a lesson in this; future bosses, take heed.

Amazing the violent descent, how the coach who specialized in entrancing the media was left suddenly powerless and vulnerable to incoming arrows.

Not long ago, anyone bold enough to question or take an antagonistic tone would be swiped away like a gnat. Now, a hand can't be raised in defense without a series of body blows hammering the unguarded areas.

Andy Reid is done here. It no longer matters how the team performs or what Jeffrey Lurie thinks. Best coach in Eagles history? Worst play-caller of the modern era? No matter...these are now debates over a departed man.

It should not be like this.

The E-A-G-L-E-S chants shouldn't have gone extinct this close to the Golden Age of Eagle football. The outrage should not be this prevalent. The hot water shouldn't scald.

Being upset over poor play/poor leadership/poor decision-making is one thing; in fact, in Philly, it's the one thing you can count on.

But being filled with this much detest for a team -- and more specifically, a coach -- who won as much as this one has is remarkable. It speaks volumes about this fan base.

This franchise is far from distinguished. While celebrating the Miracle at the Meadowlands, we were reminded that the storied play in 1978 propelled the Birds to their first winning record since 1966. And many periods in this team's history are just as ugly. There are no Super Bowls to speak of. Dallas or Oakland or San Fran this is not. The fall to the Detroit's of the NFL universe is shorter, in fact, than the rise to the Pittsburgh's for Philadelphia.

And if we're honest with ourselves, we admit we'd rather endure a solid decade of familiar futility than rise to the top again with Reid at the helm.

It is not about the pursuit of a championship. You can say it is, even believe it is, but it's not. Rather, it's more about a common pursuit in Philadelphia.

Even in the best days of the Reid administration the fans felt like they were stuck behind soundproof glass, unable to fully share in what was going on. Questions were never dignified with a response...outcries were quickly muted. The Eagles established a hierarchy; the people became the peasants.

A snap of the fingers, and the media and its followers assumed the position. The cache of success was piled too high to justify a revolt.

Things have since changed. Chinks have been found in the wall. The sense of order and command is melting off the bone. The people now have justification to overthrow the regime.

It is over. Even if it drags on for seasons to come, it is over.

How not to fix the Eagles

SI.com's Andrew Perloff is writing that the QB controversy in Philadelphia is not between McNabb and Kolb. If Kolb cannot prove himself this year, the Birds may head in another direction.

When Philadelphia owner Jeffrey Lurie, a Boston native, goes after Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels in the offseason, they're going to be tempted to sign the unrestricted free agent Cassel.

Let me tell you why this won't work:

1. Matt Cassel has had back to back 400+ yard games.... throwing to Randy Moss and Wes Welker.

2. Kevin Curtis and DeSean Jackson are not Moss and Welker.

It doesn't matter if the Eagles have McNabb or Cassel, Marino or Joe Montana, or both Manning brothers at the same time at QB, they're not going to fix their team until they sign a WR the opposing defense will respect, and until they learn to establish a running attack.


McNabb Era is Over

Time for a regime change. For better or for worse, Donovan McNabb's time as leader of the Eagles is over.


Phillies in free agency: Burnett a possibility?

Some juicy stuff from this New York Daily News post.

Appears there is a chance that Bobby Abreu will land with the Mets (wouldn't that be fun?)...and A.J. Burnett is being linked to the Phils?

Real World Philadelphia

By Matt Mattare


Alright, as promised earlier this week it’s time to lay out a strategy—a proposal if you will—on how to fix the Birds. It’s a little more complicated than one would think when you delve into the details…but Philly fans don’t care about complications, they want answers. You’ve come to the right place.

STEP #1: Fire Andy Reid

Andy Reid is the most successful coach in franchise history and he has the third best winning percentage of active coaches (.620 behind only Tony Dungy and Bill Belichick) and 16th of all-time. But sometimes numbers don’t tell the full story; those that follow and watch the team can attest to that. There have been mind-numbingly bad in-game decisions, ineffective and head-scratching gameplans, fruitless off-seasons—it’s all come to a head this season. Former Ravens head coach Brian Billick pointed out on the radio yesterday that you won’t get a better coach than Andy Reid, just a different one. A different coach is absolutely what is needed right now though. This isn’t Seattle, Philadelphia fans aren’t simply satisfied with playoff berths (which aren’t being delivered by Andy as of late by the way). CHAMPIONSHIPS—that’s the goal.

Firing Reid does two things: obviously it brings in a new coach but it also allows Tom Heckert (one of the hottest young GM’s in the game) to expand his responsibility and influence. The Birds inked him to a contract extension when the Falcons came calling last winter and it’s time to let him run the show before he takes off for a place that will let him.

Now it’s time to find a new coach. I’ve narrowed the candidates down to two guys, one who will be on a lot of people’s lists and one that I haven’t heard mentioned. The first of course is Steve Spagnuolo. He’s a red-hot commodity in New York and was mentored by Jim Johnson, but he’s also making the most money of any defensive coordinator after signing a beefy extension in the off-season. He’s an attractive candidate who would bring the same toughness to the defense as Johnson has, but luring him back to Philly might be tough. Something tells me that when teams come calling this off-season the Giants will try to arrange something like they’re doing in the college ranks (and essentially with the Cowboys) with naming him the eventual successor.

The other name I’ll throw out there is Steve Mariucci. This guy was successful in San Francisco and given no chance to be successful in Detroit. He’s a West Coast offense guru who employs (get this) a more BALANCED attack than the one Reid currently goes with. An example is in Mariucci’s 2001 season with the 49ers: 506 passes attempted and 509 rushing attempts. He’d bring exactly what the Birds need on offense and if Heckert is willing to be a little more aggressive with free agency and the draft this team can still sneak in another serious run before their window closes. Let’s be honest—for all the bitching and all that’s wrong with the Eagles this is still very much a top 10 team with potential to be much more. That’s why fans are frustrated and that’s why the organization should be frustrated. Doing everything and anything possible to retain Jim Johnson would be a must should Mariucci be the guy. It’s just a matter of whether Johnson’s allegiance to Reid will lead him to wherever Big Red lands.

THE CALL: Get Spagnuolo back in Philly. I think Mariucci would be a great second option but I’m all for looking new blood at the helm. Steve Spagnuolo, welcome home.

STEP #2: Figure out what to do with Donovan McNabb

Now I’m of the opinion that it’s time for Donovan to go, but he’s still a very capable quarterback in a league starved for them. Now looking at every team in the NFL there are five teams that may be in the market for quarterbacks—let’s break them down one by one.

Chiefs: Suddenly Tyler Thigpen seems like he could have potential, but their previously designated quarterback of the future (Brodie Croyle) is garbage. They’re so far away from being a contender that it just wouldn’t make sense to go after McNabb…Odds of it happening: Nope

Lions: The worst quarterback situation in the league. Dan Orlovsky wouldn’t start in the Arena League, Daunte Culpepper is the homeless man’s Donovan McNabb, and when Captain Kitna returns he isn’t exactly a long-term solution. This is something that needs to be addressed through the draft though—Sam Bradford, get ready for some lovely Detroit winters…Odds of it happening: Nope

Chicago Bears: Michael Wilbon has been clamoring to bring McNabb back to his hometown for years now but it seems the Bears may suddenly be comfortable with the thought of Kyle Orton leading their offense going forward (I’ll take this time to allow any Bears fans that aren’t delusional to gag now). This seems like a less and less likely destination unless Orton really stumbles down the stretch…Odds of it happening: Unlikely…but possible

Tampa Bay Bucs:
They have a whole lot of old and aging quarterbacks in the land of old and aging people. Jeff Garcia has been effective but it seems Jon Gruden falls in and out of love with him and his contract is up after this season. Brian Griese is a very competent backup but you certainly don’t want to rely on him for anything more than that. There’s definitely a void but would the Bucs be willing to make the big move? They should because they aren’t that far away from being a legit contender in the NFC. Gruden has taken aging quarterbacks and made them renaissance men (Garcia, Rich Gannon), but McNabb is not the game manager that pair was and I just can’t see him falling in love with Donovan…Odds of it happening: Maybe

Vikings: Now here is a team that is VERY close to being a contender—one quarterback away to be exact. Anyone who still thinks Tarvaris Jackson will morph into a legitimate NFL quarterback is probably taking turns staring at a lava lamp and counting the colors in the carpet. Childress is fully aware of McNabb’s capabilities and had great success with Donovan at the helm of his offense from ’03-’05. The Vikings are tight on cap space after their spending sprees the past couple off-seasons (Steve Hutchinson, Bernard Berrian, Jared Allen) so accommodating McNabb’s $9.2 million cap hit will be tough, but they can’t waste a team like this with Gus Frerotte taking the lead. I think this destination makes the most sense…Odds of happening: Good

THE CALL: Let’s send Donovan to the Midwest where fans are easier on their players and all he’ll really have to do is hand the ball to Adrian Peterson. The Patriots netted a first-rounder for Drew Bledsoe…I think that’s totally reasonable for someone like McNabb and a team built like the Vikings will no doubt get more immediate value out of a top-ten quarterback than a mid-first rounder. Donovan McNabb to the Vikings for their 2009 1st round pick.

Part III: The Blueprint for Free Agency and 2009 Draft…coming soon


Through the tube - Leaving it on the field

McNabb's reaction upon hearing there was no second overtime...

Phillies in free agency: Jim Edmonds?

The Phils apparently have a thing for aging lefty outfielders. First Raul Ibanez is mentioned, and now Jim Edmonds as a potential fit for the World Champs.

Jayson Stark has the latest on Pat Burrell. Reports are circling that he turned down a two-year, $21 million offer from the Phils. His sources say that's inaccurate. The two sides have talked contract, though. Brad Lidge doesn't sound all that confident about Pat coming back.


Afternoon Tug

Really, this is what goes on at Nuggets games? Listen in; the announcer's take is priceless.

Brian Westbrook not 100%. Look for Donovan to throw the ball 60 times on Sunday. (Complete Sarcasm We Hope)

Flyers unveil their new Retro Orange Third Jerseys...Nice!

One team the Sixers don't have to worry about this year is the Wizards. They Stank!!!

TV Tonight---Please don't waste one minute of your time watching the Steelers/Bengals tonight. Instead kick back and watch the best show on TV for the last 4 years, The Office,(Shouts out to Scranton) Then please check out one of the most intriguing shows I've seen in awhile at 10 on ABC, Life On Mars. I won't let you down.

Utley to have hip surgery

The Phillies announced that Chase Utley will have surgery on his right hip, which is scheduled for next week. The recovery will allow for the initiation of baseball activities between three and four months, but total recovery time may require four to six months.

Pedro Feliz, meanwhile, is scheduled for lower back surgery on November 20.

Phillies in free agency: Ibanez?

Newsday is reporting that the Phils are in the Raul Ibanez sweepstakes along with several other teams, including the Mets. Ibanez makes sense with the likely departure of Pat Burrell.

Another reliever mentioned as a possible fit for the Phils is off the board, as Trever Miller looks to be landing in St. Louis.

And could Mark Teixeira find a home again in the NL East?

Through the Tube: Old Weapon X Video

This was an old video made by the NFL Network about Brian Dawkins. I'm sure most of you have seen it, if not, well watch it because it makes you want to play football.

Post Game Reactions: Timblerwolves 102, Sixers 96

Kate Fagan of the Inquirer wrote about the game the Sixers said they needed, but didn't get.

Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune in Minnesota gives a T'Wolves version of what happened.

Here's a recap from UPI.com

Jon Krawczynski of the Associated Press said it was the will of Al Jefferson that gave the Timberwolves the W.

This recap is courtesy of the Total Sports Network.

James Beilby of the PA Sports Ticker gave this game recount for Hoops World.


Through the tube - Piling on

In case Donovan McNabb didn't have it bad enough, now he has to deal with this.

Through the tube - Glory Days

Remember when we liked this team?

Sixers attendance is out of Wach

By Sean Brace

Twenty-eight out of 30.

That is where the 76ers stand in attendance throughout the NBA this year. An absolute shame. You would think that after signing one of the biggest free agents during the off-season in Elton Brand, and re-signing Andre Iguodala and crowd favorite Louuuuu Williams, the Philadelphia faithful would be storming through the Wachovia gates. But in the words of my man Lee Corso, not so fast my friend.

It isn't really a shock to me that the Sixers are struggling again in attendance this year because, as I have been saying for a few years now, the Wachovia Center is one of the worst venues to watch a professional team play. There are many reasons why but the top culprit is public address announcer, Matt Cord. He is in charge of music during the game and while the teams are in time-outs - the most important time to get the crowd going.

Now the NBA is a different monster when it comes to being the P.A. for any team. These days in most home arenas you can't go a possession without hearing some sort of base-filled rap song jamming out of every speaker in the rafters. I'm pretty sure that is not the way to go. Some teams have their home court advantage led by their P.A. announcer, such as the man in Detroit, John Mason, who revolutionized the position with such favorites like BaBaBa-Ben Wallace!. How about when the Boston Celtics are winning and they have Gino dancing? Who even knows what that means, but it works. The key is, you must keep it simple but original at the same time. Like I said, most teams have nothing but hip-hop playing. Well, maybe we should experiment with the good old days of rock music, bring back the arena favorites: ACDC, Bon-Jovi, Guns and Roses. You know the good stuff. Think indoor Lacrosse but better. How about the cheerleaders just come into the stands and hang out. Maybe they buy you a beer? A true guys night out.

And I never really got the rabbit.

Truthfully the Sixers need to get minor league with it and start coming up with some crazy events. I mean this is Philadelphia, we do have some of the craziest people in the world. How about a Mixed Martial Art fight at halftime? Kimbo Slice needs work. Pull a lucky fan out of the crowd and lets get it on!

The 76ers should treat this like getting rid of a head coach and his staff and just scrap the whole entertainment personnel. I hate to be the man to suggest that but its like any other job. You are there to make the Sixers home games a can't-miss event and right now, they are giving tickets away for 10$ to watch a quality product, and people still aren't showing. Maybe Ed Snider should go to LA and bring home the most talented Laker girl. While he's at it maybe he could swing by Detroit and see if John Mason could share some pointers about what music and sound effects he uses. To me its pretty easy, crowds want to be entertained, and as an entertainer you either have it or you don't. Clearly Matt Cord and the whole Philadelphia 76ers gamenight experience, don't.


On the beat


Todd Zolecki of the Inquirer discusses who will fill a coaching vacancy and a possible free agent reliever.

The Mayors of the two competing cities weren't the only ones making friendly wagers during the Phillies-Rays World Series.


Phil Jasner of the Daily News says there's endless possibilities for Thaddeus Young in the Sixers offense.

Rotoworld.com expects Andre Iguodala to play through his foot injury on Wednesday.

Samuel Dalembert didn't practice yesterday, but according to Kevin Tatum of the Inquirer, he said he's fine and will be ready to go.


Sam Carchidi of the Inquirer says the Flyers penalty killing unit is having a historic season.

GM Paul Holmgren said the hit Alexi Kovalev laid on Simon Gagne wasn't cheap, the Inquirer's Ed Moran said in this story.


John Smallwood of the Daily News says he isn't a guy that likes to call for people's job. However, with Andy Reid, it's time for him to go.

Ashley Fox of the Inquirer said Donovan McNabb deserves a graceful exit.

Phillies rumblings

In case you missed it, Jayson Stark took a couple paragraphs to address the Phils in one of his more recent blog postings. Appears they had an opportunity to land Josh Willingham before he went to the Nationals.

Real World Philadelphia

Part I: The Reality Check
By Matt Mattare

I have sat here for years and shaken my head -- half in amazement, half in disgust -- as Donovan McNabb was crucified by the Philly media and Philly fans. The first boos came before he even had a chance to walk to the stage at the NFL draft for a photo op with commissioner; the last ones came through the phone lines today as Birds fans voiced how the tie against the Bengals was the last straw. It has taken almost ten years, but I've finally shifted from shaking my head in disgust to nodding in agreement.

It’s time for all Philly fans to readjust their expectations for McNabb. Here is what he is:

* A mobile quarterback with a great arm…There’s no denying he still has mobility and a cannon—he just hasn’t used either very well lately.
* One of the top ten quarterbacks in the league today…For all his limitations, he’s still one of the most capable guys in the league—and at the very least, attractive trade bait. He’s a good quarterback with the ability to be a very good quarterback. He will never be a great quarterback (Why? See the second bullet point in the next list).
* A player capable of big numbers when given the proper weapons…In the one year of his career where he had a stud wide receiver, he had 31 TD’s and a 104.7 pass rating. The rotating door of No. 2 and No. 3 receivers posing as No. 1's (starting with Charles Johnson and Torrance Small, continuing with James Thrash and Todd Pinkston, and ending with Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown) do not qualify.
* Someone that has a knack for sticking his foot in his mouth with the same frequency as George W. BushSeriously Donovan, every time you open your mouth it becomes harder and harder to stick up for you—do your job, eat your Chunky soup, and shut up.

Here is what Donovan McNabb is not:
* A quarterback that the Eagles can rely on to win games by himself…He just can’t do it, there’s more evidence than can be listed here. If he could, then we wouldn’t be talking about how Philly needs to get an elite receiver before/during/at the end of every year. To be fair, this isn’t as much his fault as it is management’s for not realizing this after almost ten years.
* A quarterback who can lead an effective drive down the stretch in a close game…In games over the past four seasons where he’s taken the field with less than five minutes left and the game in the balance (tied or within a TD), the Birds are 2-10-1. There were 19 drives in that stretch, and he produced only THREE scoring drives (2 TD’s, 1 FG). Both of the touchdown drives were finished off by screen passes that Brian Westbrook took to the house from 50+ yards. Those are absolutely MIND-BLOWING statistics. Watching him in the two-minute drill is as painful and frustrating as hearing Emmitt Smith speak.
* He’s NOT a quarterback that can lead the Birds to the Super Bowl with the current personnel and offensive philosophy…Because that would require him to do both of the above on a consistent basis. Give him a stud wide receiver or readjust the gameplan and don’t ask him to carry the team.

It’s time that the fans and Andy Reid realize these things and adjust expectations accordingly. This leaves two options for the Eagles with a common theme: change. It’s time to either turn the page on the Donovan McNabb-Andy Reid era (the most successful in franchise history) or change their offensive and front office philosophies, which would consist of taking a combination of taking the burden off of McNabb and legitimately going out and acquiring the personnel necessary to make the offense effective.

I really don’t think it’s reasonable to think the impossibly stubborn Reid will change. Yes, he has been the best coach in franchise history (.620 win pct, five divisional titles, four trips to the NFC Championship, and the second Super Bowl appearance in Philly history), but it’s become painfully clear that he’s unwilling to adjust and push the team over the top. His weekly press conference offers no real answers—just company lines and heavy breathing. His off-season moves never seem to address the team’s most glaring needs and to say his in-game decision making has been questionable would be an understatement. If only he would look to his divisional rival and see how a change in coaching philosophy can lead to great things (read: Tom Coughlin).

Here is one vote to turn the page. Sometimes stats just don’t tell the story and anyone who has watched this team since 2005 realizes the team is at a crossroads. The underachieving and disappointments have become a perennial event and the reasons for it are identical each and every year. Give Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb their propers because they turned the Birds into a contender during their tenure and truly made Philadelphia an Eagles town—but contending just isn’t good enough anymore. The town was painted red in October and the new measuring stick for Philly teams is a championship. Patience has gotten thinner and thinner, and the window for this duo to deliver a parade of their own might close when the clock strikes zero in Week 17.

Now if there’s one thing you learn from listening to Mike Missanelli, it’s that you better not call for change without a plan of action. That’s why later this week I’ll reveal Part II: The Blueprint, which will lay out exactly what needs to happen to better position the Birds to hoist that Lombardi Trophy. In the meantime go grab a cheesesteak, pop in that 2008 World Series DVD, and enjoy the world f-ing champion honeymoon.


Through The Tube- Unbelievable Hit, Even Better Catch

While surfing the Web I often come across some footage that is worth reposting. This Football video that displays the talented senior class of the Chadron State College has the greatest, hit/catch, I have ever seen. Yep the hype is there, now judge for yourself.

Phillies in free agency: the latest

No surprise that the Phils' very envious rival, the Mets, are going to load up on relief arms this offseason after the '08 debacle. The movement has already started, with offers for K-Rod and Brian Fuentes coming soon.

Jeremy Affeldt was mentioned as a possible option for the Phils. That is now off the table.

If it feels like free agency is moving at a snail's pace, well, it is. Peter Gammons has a substantiated theory.

Through the tube - Life after the tie

My initial thoughts on Sunday's outcome? 5-4-1 sounds more like a soccer formation than an NFL record. Now, every time a game goes into overtime for the next six to ten years, a little graphic will pop up saying, "Last tie: 11/16/08 Eagles at Bengals."

Maybe if we just keep posting Phillies videos, we can just block the Eagles out. Check out Chris Wheeler.

Web Shooter - Tied up and no place to go

Reuben Frank of Philly Burbs asks that we, in the name of Charlie Manuel, be careful about demanding Andy Reid's head. (Of course, that was under the assumption that the Eagles would beat the Bengals by double-digits).

Ashley Fox of the Inquirer, meanwhile, thinks only six games remain in the Donovan McNabb era.

Reid doesn't know what a tie means for the standings and McNabb was unaware of the overtime rules, so we employed a couple of our friends from Rhode Island to lend a helping hand.


NFL Picks


Cardinals (-3) at Seahawks
Eagles (-9) at Bengals
Raiders (+10 1/2) at Dolphins
Falcons (-6 1/2) vs. Broncos
Cowboys (-1) at Redskins
Steelers (-5) vs. Chargers


Eagles (-9) at Bengals
Chargers (+5) at Steelers
Packers (-3 1/2) vs. Bears
49ers (-6 1/2) vs. Rams
Saints (-5 1/2) at Chiefs
Colts (-9) vs. Texans

Through the Tube - Just Watch

From the first time I laid eyes on it, I wanted one!


Web Shooter- Afternoon Tug

Should he stay or should he go now? That seems to be the question about "Big Red" in the 215, but it's really concerning when a man in Kansas City is calling you out. [FOX Sports]

Sad but true, dog fighting still goes on, even in Philly. Mike Vick an icon to these low lives. [Busted Coverage]

Philly tries to set the all-time record for biggest Pinata and I don't get a whack? I wonder how much candy is in there? [Philebrity]

Last but definitely not least, every Friday I will give you some motivation to get to the nearest Happy Hour a little bit faster. Today I will use Hottest NHL Ice Dancers. (sorry, no Flyers girls but please check out Laura from Anaheim)

RE: Would you expect anything else?

Speaking of Chad Johnson....

Is it just me, or does anyone else think he'd be the perfect target for the Eagles this off-season? There is still a shot at the playoffs, but all things considered, this team could be better.

Ideally, the Eagles could:
1. Bring back Donovan McNabb
2. Use Brian Westbrook and Correll Buckhalter as a 1-2 backfield punch.
3. Use the  two first round draft picks to sign some impact rookies (wishful thinking, I know)
4. Keep Jim Johnson and the defense, making small tweaks where necessary.
5. See what the market is like for Lito Sheppard

And last, but not least, sign Johnson. Here is why:
1. Everyone refers to what McNabb did with a real weapon at wide receiver like they're referring to the love of their life who got away. Indeed, 31 TD's and 8 INT's with a 64 percent completion percentage is nothing to scoff at.
2. Johnson will be coming off a down here. You might be able to use that to get a discount, but more importantly, it'll make him work harder to prove himself (think Randy Moss circa 2008).
3. All the other receivers will move down a spot. Kevin Curtis as a two. And a sophomore DeSean Jackson as a three?... Nice.
4. Most importantly.... there is a good chance his jersey will literally say "Ocho Cinco".

Sound good? Or do the cons outweigh the pros for 85? 

Would you expect anything else?

MTV Cribs has to make a trip to Mr. Ocho-Cinco's house. During halftime of last nights Jets/Pats game, the NFL network had a wonderful interview with the ego himself, Chad Johnson, and in my opinion he picked the best room to do it in.

I mean come on, how do you have house guests over and show them that room with a straight face."Yeah, now we go to the ME room, and I named it ME, well, because, it reminds ME of ME."

Through The Tube- Philly Joust

I have thought I've seen it all when it comes to Gameday activities, but this by far takes the cake!

Also...Where the hell did dude score that awesome Eagles poncho? Christmas list has officially started!

Phillies free agency - What they're saying

The World F-in Champions have some decisions to make.

Keep Pat Burrell, or release him into the wild? Go after a superstar left fielder instead? Make a move for a Peavy? Take a chance on an old vet like Randy Johnson?

Free agency is underway, and here's the latest...

Jayson Stark lays out some less than awe-inspiring names, like Doug Brocail and Juan Rivera, that the Phils are eyeing.

MLB Trade Rumors lays out the long list of possible suitors for Burrell. Might he DH for the World Series opponents?


No leniency for Big Red

Maybe this is just the annual bashing of Andy Reid, but Philadelphia sports fans are not happy with the direction the Eagles are going.

Just a week ago, some fans and commentators made a snap judgment and declared "three years of leniency" for all sports teams in the city because the Phillies finally brought home a championship. Just a week later, a loss to the rival Giants has thrown the Pax Philadelphia out the window.

I thought at the time, and I'm seeing it now - the Phillies championship is going to put more pressure on the other teams, especially the Eagles (all things considered, this is still a football first town). Now, there is no more curse to blame. There is only Andy Reid, Donovan McNabb, etc.

When the Giants won the Super Bowl, it didn’t make things easier for Yankees or Mets fans come September.

Maybe the Phillies can get some leniency next year, but their World Series is not going to help the Birds until they do something for themselves.

Web Shooter-Afternoon Tug

We're not saying Iguodala is the third option are we? I'll give you 80 million reasons why he better not be! [Sixerville]

OK, so Andy Reid is the second worst G.M. in the NFL. [WhoDeyRevolution]

Back, Back, Back, Back in the day Boomer had his own football cards? [Mr Irrelevant]

Golfing in Vegas and having a Penthouse Pet Caddie for you, Miracles can happen. [Brahsome]

Through the tube - King Cole

Cole Hamels doing the Top 10 on Letterman...Hiyo!


Web Shooter - Baskett Donations

Sometimes, the greatest contributions from our athletes come off the field. The Eagles may be 5-4 and the team may be uninspiring, but they are professional athletes nonetheless, and with pro athletes come ridiculous women. We thank you, Hank Baskett.

On the diamond, the flirtations between the Phils and Pat Burrell are getting heavier, and it looks like Jamie Moyer could be locked up by week's end.

And finally, the City of Brotherly Love remembers why it wants to sex Mutombo!

Charlie Manuel dissed

The Phillies might have won the World Series, but they're not getting much love in the post-post-season.

Charlie Manuel lost out on the N.L. Manager of the Year award to Lou Piniella (Joe Maddon won the A.L. Manager award. That feels like a no-brainer).

Piniella's Cubs did post the best record in the N.L., but watching the Phillies playoff run, you can't help but acknowledge Maunel's managing was better this year. Charlie came through in some big ways when it came to filling out the lineup card, choosing who to start and when to pinch it, and which relievers to bring in.

Nothing exemplifies this more than when he stuck with J.C. Romero to pitch to B.J. Upton in Game Five... yada, yada, yada... double play.

Sure it's just an award, and in the end, the Phillies still have the World Series ring. It's just a shame their talent isn't getting recognized.

No word yet on where Willie Randolph finished.